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U.S.Embassy (2010)

2010 GreenTech conducted a comprehensive Green Building Certification service(LEED-EB) and provided recommendations to achieve a LEED Silver Rating.

King Road Tower (2013)

GreenTech designed and supervised the first Smart Building system in Saudi Arabia and then conducted energy value engineering that reduced the annual energy bill by 25% and MEP by 15%. Lastly,GreenTech provided a feasibility study for the deployment of a CHP plant for the building.

Dubai  Sustainable  City (DSC) (2014)

GreenTech provided efficiency and consulting services to reduce electricity and resource consumption at DSC. In addition to installing 1.7MW of solar PV, GreenTech conducted energy value analyses and implemented energy efficiency measures.

USAID (2013-14)

GreenTech was contracted by USAID to help develop the design phase of the outreach programs and initiatives in its‘Public Action for Water,Energy and Environment’ project.Under this initiative, GreenTech managed a Social Marketing Campaign to encouraged energy efficiency at Jordanian SMEs.

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